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Tourist information

The island Krk is the most north island of the Adriatic Sea; linked to the continent by a bridge is very simple available. Even though it is so northern, the Krk island has mild atmospheric conditions with a yearly average temperature of 4 degrees above in other places in the same geographical width. At the same time, Krk preserves the attributes of an Adriatic island: rugged coasts with plentiful of coves and channels, many small islands, beaches with gravel and sand, a great culinary built upon fresh seafood. The north area of the Krk island is practically bare due to the powerful northern wind while the southern part is plentiful with greenness and peaceful coves. Away from the coast, stony hills alternate with fertile areas. This kind of relief positively does for the farming of grapes and the manufacturing of the widely known wine "Vrbnička Žlahtina". On the island of Krk, there are a number of labelled traveler paths which lead via the woods and by the sea coast. There are published tour guides offered at any tourist office. The undersea world surrounding the island of Krk is very intriguing, and there are a number of local scuba diving clubs. To fill bottles, you have to get in touch with one of the scuba diving clubs.

Krk island is encompassed by a number of small islands, namely the islets of Plavnik, Kormat and Kosljun in the south-west, the island of St. Mark in the north, and the islets of Prvic and Zec in the SE. The most significant among them is the islet of Kosljun, a natural and cultural sensation.

Monuments & Culture.

Among the many Glagolitic masterpieces coming from Krk, there is the Baska Tablet located in Jurandvor, the Statute of Vrbnik from the 14th century and the Missal of Vrbnik from the 17th century, embellished with miniatures. The Glagolitic script was used on the island of Krk up to the first years of the 19th century.

Important monuments:.
  • the ruins of the original cathedral of the town of Krk.
  • early Romanesque church of St. Lucy located in Jurandvor.
  • late Romanesque cathedral of St. Quirinus in the town of Krk.
  • St. Donatus close to the village of Punat.
  • The medieval church of St. Francis in the town of Krk.
  • late Romanesque church of Virgin Mary in Omisalj.


The Island of Krk is located in the region identified by a moderate and gentle meteorologic conditions. The typical summer temperature level is 26 ° C. During July and August, usually more than 25 days will have highest temperature level of over 25 ° C. Even in June there can be 15 days with daily high of over 25 °C and similarly pleasant is September .The normal sea temperature from June to September reaches above 23 ° C. The most usual winds are: a north-east strong wind regionally called "bura", the southern wind ( known as "jugo"), and a landward cooling breeze regionally known as maestral. The island of Krk is also one of the sunniest areas of Europe with 2500 sunny hours annually.

How to get to Krk Island.

The location of the Krk Island at the northern area of the Adriatic makes it the "first" and the nearest island for all guests who come from the continental part of Europe in the quest for the Mediterranean environment. Krk is quickly reachable from the mainland by the bridge that links it with mainland together with a ferryboat. Krk has it's own flight terminal too, that serves neighboring islands and the town of Rijeka.

Where to stay

Today, the Island of Krk draws in more than half a million guests who make up over 3 million overnight stays. The accommodation opportunities on the Island of Krk are quite diversified: large hotels and resorts, more compact family hotels and boarding houses, private accommodation in suites and apartments, and camping grounds. Accommodation capacities on the Krk island are typically in the most stunning locations - beachfront villas, hotels, and campgrounds are by the sea and in the shadow of magnificent pine trees. Apartments are an outstanding choice for a stay on the island of Krk. An interesting feature is that apartment reservations in Krk generally allow up to 5/6 visitors per apartment. So, this is a fantastic way for the entire family to take joy in the holiday without worrying about the numbers. Nearly all apartments are self-contained units. They have a fully furnished kitchen area and other amenities like iron, hair dryer etc. If you love the beach, sea view apartments are a splendid choice.

Average accommodation prices

Nightlife on the island of Krk

  • Disco bar Jungle in the town of Krk, open every night until 5:00.
  • Nightclub Boa in Malinska - available everyday from 23:00 to 5:00.
  • Club/Bar Casa Del Padrone positioned on the Krk City Quay just at the beachfront has nighttime resident DJ and thematic evenings with go-go ladies.
  • Cocktail bar Volsonis in Krk City, situated inside the aged city walls provides a unique environment to its guests.
  • Evening shows, village feasts, and performances are held throughout the island in the summer time.


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