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10 most interesting things to do on island Krk

1. Beaches and swimming

Island Krk has a lot of attractive beaches. They are mostly rock and pebble stone beaches. Island is also famous by it's transparent crystal clean sea, in which you can enjoy yourself while swimming during hot summer months. You can choose between swimming in city areas, popular beaches or lonesome natural beaches.

10 most interesting things to do on island Krk

2. Boat trips

Go on a daily trip with boat from one of the cities. You can visit islands located nearby, beautiful beaches and attractive landmarks. Beside local gastronomy, you will also find yourself enjoying in beautiful nature and discover sea life.

3. Wine cellars and Vrbnička Žlahtina

Vrbnicka Zlahtina is a dry white wine which is made of white Zlahtina, which is being bred exclusively in vineyards near Vrbnik on island Krk. Name Zlahtina comes from old slavic adjective zlahten, which means noble. Almost every restaurant on island Krk, besides local meals, offers wine from it's own wine cellar.

10 most interesting things to do on island Krk

4. Bicycling and mountaineering

Natural landmarks and beauty of island makes it perfect for bicycling, mountaneering and trekking. Many trails and roads lead nature lovers through island's gorgeous landscapes. Trails are regulary maintained and you can find information on them on any city map or info stations.

5. Baska tablet

Baska tablet is on of the most famous Croatian historical findings which testifies about literacy of Croats. It has been written in old Glagolitic letter. It has been found on the floor in St.Lucia's chapel in Jurandvor in 1851. It is being kept in Croatian academy of science and art in Zagreb since 1934. You can find prefect replica in Jurandvor.

6. Visit island Kosljun

Island Kosljun is placed in a small bay, only 750 meters from Punat. It is famous by it's Franciscan monastery in which priests collected and preserved cultural heritage for centuries. Island has it's own ethnographical museum which keeps many objects made by Krk's fishermen and farmers, zoo collection filled with various sea shells and unique animals. There is also a library in a museum, which has around 30,000 books.

10 most interesting things to do on island Krk

7. Villages of Krk and heartland

In almost all villages, you can meet with traditional architecture, daily activities and island's surroundings. Olive trees and fishermen knitting their nets, sheep on meadows… It all represents life on island. With piece and quietness around you and lower renting prices then in city, you can rest assured you will enjoy your vacation here.

8. Try local food

10 most interesting things to do on island Krk

Island Krk, like all Croatia as well, is familiar by it's excellent gastro offer, which you will like no matter where you come from. Fresh fish, meat specialities and terrific pastas are only a small part of huge culinary offer that island has. You can find many restaurants and taverns, placed either in the town area or by the coast, or local ones in the heartland.

9. Nightlife and summer festivals

Like any other tourist destination, Krk has a lot of bars, beach bars and clubs, too. Everyone can find something they enjoy. Besides huge number of bars and island's exciting night life, you can enjoy in summer festivals, too, which can be really enjoyable and can be found on a different places all over the island.

10. Try scuba diving

It don't matter if you're a skilled scuba diver or extreme amateur, diving centers placed all over the islands will offer you anything you need for scuba diving. Crystal clear sea, rich underwater life and excellent diving locations are characteristics that no one will be able not to enjoy.

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