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Cultural attractions on the island of Krk

Major attractions on the island include medieval fortresses, thick forests, old churches, museums, ancient ruins, and priceless mosaics from the period of the Roman Empire. Numerous historic sites are located in the main town on the island of Krk. The most important historical monument is the castle of Frankopan built in the 12th century. It is perfectly preserved to this day, and today there are held performances at the celebration of national holidays.

Cultural attractions on the island of Krk

Another important historical monument is the Cathedral of the Assumption. It was built more than a thousand years ago. It is a unique architectural monument, which will enchant visitors with its unique appearance.

One of the attractions that should not be missed is the market Vela, the center of events for visitors during the summer months. With a well from the 16th century, the town square below the market, there are archaeological remains from the 4th century BC.

The old town of Baska is rich in historical monuments. The most famous attraction is the Baska tablet. It is located on the site of the old church near the village. It is a large stone slab with an inscription in the Croatian language. The tablet is the oldest monument in the Croatian language, and becuase of it the island of Krk is considered the cradle of the Croatian literacy.

On the islet of Kosljun, close to the island of Krk, is a Franciscan monastery and a very interesting museum where you can get acquainted with the rich and varied local culture. The unique medieval atmosphere and numerous historical monuments are one of the true treasures of the island.

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