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Scuba diving on island Krk

Today, scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports in whole Croatia. Many divers are attracted to Adriatic sea because of it's excellent locations, and cause it has a lot of antique wrecked ships, corals and other sea life. North part of Adriatic is more popular cause it has shallower sea and richer, fuller sea life. During your visit on Krk, even if you never tried diving, you can earn basics of this sport and if you're a pro, you can visit locations of wrecked ships, gorgonian gardens, caves, rocks, corals…

Scuba diving on island Krk

Island Krk offers scuba diving trips on eight nearby islands, with total 40 locations for scuba diving which guarantee unforgettable experience even for most demanding divers:

- untouched sea life

- steep rocks that disappear in deep blue, filled with red gorgonians, crabs, red fish, monkfish, and sea bass.

- impressive caves and old wrecked ships

Island Krk is filled with natural beauties underwater and above the water. Beauty can be found in steep rocks, which are almost completely vegetation free, on north and northeast parts, mellow green slopes and bays on south and southeast parts. Even though the north coast looks very unwelcoming and hardly accessible with it's high and steep cliffs, sea world of this area is extremely welcoming and available to scuba divers from all around the world.

Scuba diving locations on Krk

1. Selzine - spectacular rock which goes down under up to 110 meters. Its is laid by the canal entrance and you can find fish that attracts tuna fish and mackerel.

2. Lorelei - Island Cres' rock with underwater mine which has been there since World War One. This area is also popular for it's rich underwater life.

3. Mali Plavnik - small island ridge with many caves that host stone shingles and steep cliffs that disappear in deep sea. This place has a lot of corals, octopus and red fish. It is also a home of a 1.5 meters long monkfish which you can see on this spot.

4. Kornati - underwater landscape which you can visit : steep cliffs, caves, seagrass…Anything is possible here!

5. Kukceva and Duboka caves - huge cave with unusual and extraordinary vegetation, about 35 meters long and 10 meters tall.

6. Indian ridge - one of the most beautiful ridges on island Plavnik. Nearby you can find many caves which are waiting for you to explore them.

7. Plavnik caves - steep cliffs with rock foundations and small caves

8. Plavi Malin cave - gorgeous underwater cave

9. Plavnik's cannons - cannons from 18th century

10. Mafia's shipwreck - famous shipwreck with sunk powerboat

11. Rock garden - rarity in Croatia. You can find huge mussels there.

12. "Pelastyes" - greek trading ship, sunk during a storm 30 years ago. It is about 60 meters long and can be found in the depth between 6 and 32 meters. You can find large eels there.

13. Ratko's cliff - almost completely steep cliffs with stalagmite-like rocks.

14. Island Prvic's tunnels and island Cres' Kamin - two long tunnels thru which you can dive. They are filled with fish and beautiful vegetation.

15. Plavnik' plateau - rich with fish during summer. Ideal for photography lovers.

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